Nia classes, workshops and White Belt Trainings                              with Nia Faculty Trainer Jill Factor.

      Jill Factor: Nia White Belt Trainer, Nia Black Belt, 
Nia 5 Stages Instructor

   Welcome to the Core Movement website.  You will find information about my classes, trainings ,workshops, connect with me and the greater Nia community. In addition to teaching Nia, I am a certified Vinyasa yoga instructor. Enjoy exploring my website and if you need to contact me directly please do! 

Nia White Belt Trainings:
 June 20th-30th, 2014: Split Weekend Training  

Nov 14th-20th, 2014:   

Renew Retreat!
Oct 30th: Renew Retreat/Mexico

Contact:  720-313-0413

Facebook links: Jill Factor & Jill Factor: Core Movement

Twitter: Jill Factor@coremovement

Instagram: Jill Factor





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