Jill is a Nia Black Belt instructor, Nia Faculty Trainer. She has enjoyed 13 years of teaching Nia in the Boulder area. Jill brings high energy, dynamism and somatically-skilled cueing to her Nia classes.  She is a teacher of conscious movement and will inspire your creativity while pushing you to your next level of fitness - mindfully, with a focus on pleasure in the body.A self-proclaimed “anatomy junkie,” Jill brings an integral knowledge of the body to her classes. Students appreciate her athletic yet compassionate teaching style, as well as her ability to adapt choreography, for a variety of movement abilities and body types. “I have always loved to move my body in an expressive way. To share the joy and pleasure of living in a body that seeks pleasure over pain and to grow older in a healthy vibrant body is a gift I love sharing”. When Jill is not teaching classes you will find her cheering on one of her kids on at a dance recital, spending time with her sweet grandson, or sipping a bhakti Chai and listening to “Discover Weekly” on Spotify.

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